How Do You Opt-In to Text Messages from Cookies N Clean?

At Cookies N Clean, we treasure your privacy and the trust you place in us. We only send text messages to those who have explicitly opted to receive them. Here’s how you can give us the green light:

Website Sign-Up

Visit our website and head to the sign-up section. You’ll find a clear checkbox next to a statement that asks if you’d like to receive promotional messages and updates via text. This box is not pre-ticked because we want your consent to be a deliberate choice. After you check the box, click the submit button to confirm your opt-in. Explore this option on our website here: [Cookies N Clean SMS Opt-In](https://cookiesnclean.com/terms_conditions/opt-in/)

In-Store Sign-Up

If you’re visiting one of our physical locations, you can opt-in to receive text messages by filling out a consent form available at the checkout counter. This form clearly explains what messages you’re signing up for. You can take a look at a sample of our in-store consent form here: [In-Store Consent Form Image](https://www.cookiesnclean.com/in-store-opt-in)

Mobile App

For our app users, there’s an option within the app settings where you can toggle your consent to receive text messages. Just like our website, this choice is yours to make without any pre-selected options.

Your Privacy Matters

Your consent means everything to us, and we promise to keep your preferences respected. We will never share your information with third parties without your explicit permission. For more details on how we protect your data, please read our [Privacy Policy](https://www.cookiesnclean.com/privacy-policy) and [Terms of Service](https://www.cookiesnclean.com/opt-in).

Should you ever decide to change your mind about receiving text messages from us, you can easily opt-out through the unsubscribe link provided in every text message or by updating your preferences in our app or on our website.

We're here to keep your experience sweet and clean, just like our cookies and service. Welcome to the Cookies N Clean family!