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Your price could be more or less than what's estimated in the online scheduler if a price has been provided.
Prices vary depending size, hair length, temperament, or overall condition.
We'll confirm price during check-in.

While we currently have immediate availability we are NOT a mobile groomer.

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Spa Package

Our Spa Package includes common maintenance and comfortable services.

With our spa package we start with a nice warm bath in premium soap, clean inside ears removing debris and dirt, express anal glands if needed, brush teeth with toothpaste, perform a nice facial message with our Blueberry Facial soap, finish bath with a gentle silky conditioner, dry off with warm air, shorten and clean all nails.


Grooming includes Spa Package.

Regarding the Online Scheduler, grooming for us is hair cut: shave-downs, shear work, trimming, or any cutting of hair is grooming.

Available Selection:

Haircut & Styling with Spa

Bath & Brush

It's common for dogs to receive grooming but don't need their hair cut but can still enjoy a day at the dog spa.
Select Wash & Spa for no haircut required grooming.

Available Selections:

Wash & Spa (No Haircut)

No Frills - Employee Wash (No Spa)



Add one or multiple Add-on services
with your Bath & Brush No Frills - Employee Wash (No Spa).

Add Furminator® to your selection for those extra fury dogs that need some shedding combed out.

Available Selections:

Nail Trim


Peppermint Paw

Blueberry Facial

Full-body De-shed

Special Handling

Scroll on list to see all services available.

Cat Grooming

Please Call. 

We do cat grooming but there's no
selection for cat grooming using our Online Booking.
Cats require special handling and have more strict appointment scheduling requirements and cannot be scheduled the same as dogs.

In the future we may develop a software solution that resolves this but for now we do ask that you call to schedule your cat grooming appointment and apologize for the potential inconvenience.

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Cancellation Policy

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Any late cancellations or missed appointments will result in a $40 charge to the credit card on file.