We have a few different positions available at any given time. Finding good and hardworking people is not hard to find if you take good care of your people. We've learned over the years that people actually want to work. When people are not treated well is when they don't want to work or put in much effort. And, money isn't everything, but is very important. We strive to offer both competitive pay and a great place to work.

All our full-time W2 employees are eligible for the following benefits after their Probationary Period (90 Days) while also meeting performance criteria:

  • Paid Vacation Time - All employees start with two (2) weeks a year and receive additional time with seniority.
  • Medical - We offer medical benefits. It is very important we take care of our employees' health and offering medical is one way we can do that.


Our shop hours are currently 8am-6pm 7 Days a Week.

All employees work a rotating schedule which consists of weekdays and weekends. All employees must be available to work weekend in addition to any day of the week.

Our shifts are 10hrs a day and is similar to a 4-10 schedule, 4 days at 10hrs.

Interested in becoming a groomer?

Currently accepting applications for internship.

Groomer Expectations

We recommend the Grooming Academy.

The Grooming Academy stands out as a top-notch educational facility for those who aspire to become grooming professionals. What sets it apart from other grooming schools is its comprehensive success program. While most groomers acquire the essential knowledge for grooming, they often struggle to apply it after completing a conventional grooming school. The Grooming Academy not only provides traditional grooming education but also includes an 8-week internship program, ensuring students truly develop into professional groomers. Consequently, these budding grooming experts join their workplace prepared and capable of performing their tasks.

Link to apply online:


Our groomers are top-notch. Cookies N Clean have strict quality requirements. Our pet grooming is exceptional and for us to accomplish our level of quality our groomers must poses a high attention to detail. Cut lines and edges are flawless. When our customers come to collect their pet there's a wow factor.

All groomers go through a vetting process, starting at the beginning with bathing and drying.

Groomers must be clean: minimal to no hair constantly around work area. Tools are maintained and cleaned continuously. All aspects of grooming process such as bathing and drying areas are also areas of responsibility for cleaning.

Pay - Commission and Tips


Junior Groomer

Currently Unavailable. We recommend Grooming Academy

See full description here.

Pay - Hourly



Our grooming is high quality and efficient. For our groomers to be efficient they need support from Bathers. Bathers clean, dry, trim nails, anal glad expression, and more. All groomers start as a bather and work their way up.

Pay - Hourly


Floor Associate

Grooming extends beyond the dogs. It very much includes the overall experience. Keeping the place clean, supported, and available are vital to our overall success. We need team members to ensure exceptional service. Floor associates help check-out and check-in dogs, retail purchases, cleaning self-wash bathing area, and may wash a dog for customers. This is a great entry level or experienced customer service person.

Pay - Hourly



Managing schedules for customers is a lot of work. A good reception resource knows how to talk with excellent communication skills to achieve great customer service. Helping customers find what they need might be different than what they're asking for. Grooming has many different verbiages and styles which means you have to be an excellent listener and paying attention to the details.

Pay - Hourly


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