Meet the Team

Our team members are fun, energetic, and passionate about life with dogs.


Danielle Atwell - Junior Groomer

Danielle is a Junior Groomer that helps dogs receive baths, nail trimming, and more. Her support and effort helps us stay on schedule so your dog is ready for pickup on-time every time!

Super fun with dogs and likes seeing dogs clean and presentable for their owners.


Savannah Rose - Junior Groomer

Savannah is passionate about professional grooming. She enjoys the challenges of precision grooming and is rewarded by the results of her work. Savannah joins us from the professional world of horse grooming and has decided to expand her grooming experience into the dog grooming arena.


Ashley Haynes - Groomer

Ashley has years of experience with grooming dogs. Many of that experience is effective communication to ensure customers receive exactly what they're looking for. Taking the time to listen to customers' requests and expectations and delivering beautiful grooming work.


Ivy Saenz - Groomer

Ivy brings years of experience with a diverse background to help us grow and expand our team. Ivy posses a high attention to detail and precision with the necessary level of patience to work with some of our most challenging dogs.


Brynn Hanson - Team Member

Brynn brings joy to dog owners. Helping people with cleaning and performing maintenance with self-wash. Teaching customers different techniques for bathing and answering questions.


Angela Straughan - Customer Experience Specialist

Angela enjoys working with clients and their dogs to receive the best experience possible. Providing a continuous communication path to ensure expectations are met which results in overall customer satisfaction and experience.


Anastasia (Ana) Smith - Team Member

Ana enjoys helping customers with washing their dogs! She washes dogs for customers who prefer we do the work. She provides high energy and positivity here in the shop making this a fun place to be.


Jim Smith - Team Member

Jim likes helping pet owners with their needs. Owning a dog is supposed to be fun and he enjoys making Cookies N Clean fun for everyone.


Peter - Hall Monitor

Peter is our Hall Monitor! He's in-charge of team safety and security.