We commonly joke about how our real jobs are cleaning since we are always cleaning! Keeping surfaces and spaces sanitary is vital for the health and wellbeing of all who frequent our facility. This includes pets too.

bob ross happy little accidents
As the great Bob Ross would say "Happy Little Accidents" do occur when working with pets and they happen all the time.
Even though they're little accidents they can become a problem if they're not addressed immediately.




Accidents are picked up and disposed of quickly and immediately sanitized.



All surfaces are cleaned and prepped in-between clients. All our clients (pets) need to return home safe and comfortable.

Sanitation solutions include but are not limited to white vinegar, Zep®, and bleach. Solutions are determined by surface and material to be removed.


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Complete Sanitation System

In addition to spot cleanup we also use medical grade sanitation systems to complete all surfaces.

We use this system to clean the entire facility at least once a day. This monstrous system administers hot water directly from the hot water heater with temperatures over 150°. This level of water temperature helps to sanitize the surface from viruses, bacteria, and debris.

With this system applying sanitary water solution directly to the surface it is then pulled into the system immediately after making contact with the surface to be disposed of.

This process is significantly more efficient and sanitary that traditional buckets and mops.

We invested big $$$$ to ensure our facility is state-of-the-art, efficient, classy, and effective at keeping our clients safe and healthy.


We receive many complements on the cleanliness of our facility and that it doesn't smell like other groom shops. Our standard of cleanliness is high but for us it can't be too clean. If your existing groomer or pet facility smells like anything other than clean it may be worth looking into to keep your pet safe and healthy.