Thank you for applying for the Junior Groomer Position. We are excited to invite you for an interview to potentially join our grooming team at one of our facilities.

As a groomer, you will be paid a 30% commission on your grooms. This commission not only covers your grooming training but also allows you to earn money based on your work.

Please note that as a professional groomer, you will need to purchase your own tools. While you don't need to buy all the tools right away, we estimate that you may need to invest around $1000 in tools eventually. We can help you with tool kits or provide guidance before making any purchases to ensure you get the right tools for the job and avoid wasting money on subpar brands or unnecessary items.

During your initial days, as you learn and train, it's expected that you may not make any money. However, we strive to get you working with dogs within a few days to gain hands-on experience.

At the beginning, the pace may be slower, with approximately 1-2 dogs per day. However, with time and practice, our average groomers can handle 4-6 dogs a day. It's important to keep in mind that becoming a quality groomer takes time and dedication, with the aim of grooming approximately 1 dog per hour.

Your training will take place at our "Grooming Academy" facility in Moon Valley. You can conduct your interview during normal business hours without scheduling a specific time, as there will always be an instructor available. Please look up the location and operating hours on Google.

We want to emphasize that we are selective in our training program, aiming to work with the best individuals who can provide exceptional service to our clients. Attendance is crucial, and missing more than 3 days of work in a year may result in termination of employment. Our clients expect reliable service professionals.

As a groomer, it's important to maintain humility, continually strive for excellence, and never assume that you are the best groomer without proving it through your work, results, and client satisfaction.

Being a people person is essential in this profession. It's a misconception that groomers only work with dogs and not people. Trust and excellent communication are vital in this role. If you feel anxious or are uncomfortable communicating with adults, this may not be the right profession for you, as clients entrust their dogs to your care.

Please remember that this job requires hard work and dedication. It is not about playing with dogs but about delivering exceptional quality and service at fair prices with prompt service times.

We are proud to be the most successful grooming business in the State of Arizona, and we attribute our success to transparency, rewarding work, and the positive impact our groomers have on the community.

If you believe this opportunity aligns with your goals, we look forward to meeting you for the interview.