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Brushing At-Home

Brushing your dog at home is essential for maintaining their overall health and well-being. Proper grooming not only keeps your furry friend looking neat and clean but also prevents potential health issues. This article will guide you on how to brush your dog effectively, discuss the frequency and benefits, and delve into the impact of…

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sepration anxiety

Separation Anxiety

Is your dog experiencing additional anxiety coming out of your shutdown? There are many solutions and options for helping to minimize your dog’s anxiety. There’s a little new anxiety for all of us coming out of shutdown but now that we’ve been released there are many dogs experiencing additional separation anxiety. This article is not…

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full curl dog nail in phoenix az

Dog Nail Trimming

General Nail Information Dog’s nails are one of the most difficult forms of dog grooming. Our customers talk about their dog’s nails more than any other part of dog grooming. Sure a clean dog is needed continuously but bathing is usually not as difficult as dog nail trimming. Dog’s nails are all over the place…

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Grooming Doodle dog breeds, like any other breed of dog, require regular grooming to maintain their health and hygiene. One of the advantages of doodle breeds is their hypoallergenic coat, which sheds minimally and is less likely to cause allergic reactions in humans. However, this means that their coat requires regular grooming to prevent matting…

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chinese crested grooming

Chinese Crested

Grooming Both normal and long-haired Chinese Cresteds require regular grooming to maintain their health and hygiene. Normal-haired Chinese Cresteds have a short, silky coat that sheds minimally, while long-haired Chinese Cresteds have a longer, thicker coat that requires more frequent grooming. For normal-haired Chinese Cresteds, they should be brushed at least once a week to…

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Dog Trainers

Canine Metrics

Looking for dog training? We recommend many trainers and Rachel with Canine Metrics is excellent. It’s important to go with someone you trust and that’s a good fit for both you and your dog. You might find that much like dogs’ personalities trainers’ style can be unique and vary in performance based and requires a…

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