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pet grooming in new river az

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We may be dog lovers but we're also great business people. A good business offers exceptional customer service and quality. We want you to try other pet groomers in New River, AZ. We enjoy hearing that our service and quality pet grooming is what sets us apart from the rest. We take pet grooming seriously and pride ourselves on quality and service. We're always looking for new and innovative ways to be more accommodating to our customers and their dogs.



We're a groom shop you can trust in New River, AZ. We understand that there's a lot of trust when determining where to leave your dog for grooming. You don't want to leave your dog just anywhere. Most of our business comes from referrals, however, we know more and more people are coming to Arizona each day and locating such intimate services like dog grooming can be challenging.

Cageless in New River

We offer cageless pet grooming in New River, AZ. When customers desire cageless grooming it's real easy for us to accommodate. We don't want dogs in kennels any longer than necessary. If you want your dog to not be in a kennel we can accommodate with effective scheduling. We simply contact you 15-30 min before your dog is about to be done with pet grooming and they're ready to be picked up just as you walk in the door!

Hold My Dog

While we do offer cageless we also understand that 60 minutes is not enough time to do some of those other errands! Want to leave your dog with us? You can! People have busy lives and we don't mind having a few dogs laying around. As long as we can accommodate a few dogs here with us for a few hours we will make an effort to ensure that's available.


We have 5 star reviews coming in almost daily. Reviews are not easy to come by these days but we believe they're worth the effort.

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Before scheduling your next grooming with any groomer stop by our shop to meet us.

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