2023 Initiative

Our initiative for 2023 is Quality.

It is one thing to announce quality is important and it is another to act.

We have achieved the highest number of reviews in Arizona State for a pet grooming business. Wonderful reviews about our customer service experience. Some of our reviews are the best ever seen by a business. We work hard to ensure the best experience possible and each review we receive is absolutely appreciated. We are not stopping and want to keep going.

How we book appointments, communicate, cleanliness, groom, consistency, reliability, and follow up will be areas of focus.

We want to increase our reputation from good to great with grooming.

Our team of professionals shall be the subject matter expert when it comes to pet grooming. We want our customers to feel absolute confidence that we are the best grooming professionals.

Through our effort our clients will benefit but so will pet owners who are not our clients. We want to lead by example how to be transparent while also delivering the best grooming.

Ashly Haynes

Ashley Haynes

As part of our effort to ensure our 2023 Quality Initiative we are proud to announce Ashley Haynes will be promoted from Shift Lead to Grooming Quality Specialist.

Ashley has provided extensive examples of dedication and reliability with years of experience and has shown the willingness to be supportive of our business's goals and objectives.

We feel that Ashley can help all of us grow and be more successful and is a good fit for this position.

She will be available and responsible for training every single resource in all aspects of our business.

When you see Ashley please congratulate her on this promotion.

New Policies

We are releasing new policies to increase our quality service experience.

Our team of service professionals shall be setting the pet industry example for reliable, supportive, professional, creative, skilled, knowledgeable, and approachable.


2022 was a great year and we learned more about where the company would like to go.

This next year is a definitive year for us. Determining if we will have additional growth that leads us to have more opportunities through our ability to provide service excellence.

We are building our business together.

"Improving the dog owning experience."