Mobile Grooming

We are super excited to announce mobile grooming.
Mobile grooming is a great option for busy families and individuals.

Now accepting appointments!

Mobile appointments require flexibility with scheduling.


Cancelation Policy

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cookies n clean mobile grooming phoenix, az

Comfort is Quality

Are mobile grooming vehicles in Phoenix, AZ are state-of-the-art. Completely engineered to provide quality service. We want both our team members and your dog to be comfortable in a well accommodated space to perform quality grooming.

When people are more comfortable they perform better work, and for us to achieve the same level of quality in a mobile grooming application we are not cutting corners.

cookies n clean mobile grooming phoenix, az

Cageless Grooming

No dogs in kennels or chained to walls here. Mobile grooming is cageless grooming. Your dog doesn't need to experience being chained to a wall before and or after their appointment. Mobile grooming is 1:1 which means we work on one dog at a time and there's no need to chain them to a wall.

cookies n clean mobile grooming phoenix, az

Scheduling & Cancellation Policy

Mobile grooming in Phoenix, AZ is in very high demand. You will want to rebook and rescheduling will not be an option as there won't be any availability for your reschedule to go. We recommend that clients understand appointment booking is very limited.

No Shows

Booking requires purchase of the groom. If you cancel or no show your appointment you are required to pay for the groom and it will NOT be refundable. Do not book an appointment if you don't feel confident you will be available for us to perform the groom.

Rescheduling or Shop Option

Should you miss an appointment or would like to reschedule an appointment we still have our shop option to ensure necessary care and maintenance are achieved until your next scheduled mobile grooming appointment.

Rescheduling Rebooks

Rescheduling a rebooked appointments with a minimum 5 day notice are permitted.

Exceptional Quality

Our mobile grooming in Phoenix, AZ still offers the same all natural ingredient organic soap products and services we use in our grooming facility.

We currently are offering the same services in our mobile grooming option as our shop except custom color. Custom color is currently not available with mobile.

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