Frequently Asked Questions

Where's your shop located?
Our shop is located in the Tramonto Shopping Center at the intersection of I-17 and Carefree Hwy in Phoenix Arizona.

Are you a cageless facility?
Yes and no. We do offer a cageless experience. For a cageless experience to be possible customers need to drop-off and pickup on-time.
For us to provide the best service experience possible we do have customers who want their dog to hang-out with us before and or after their appointment time which requires the use of Safe Spaces (kennels).

My dog just needs mats removed, can I only get their mats removed?
No, grooming tools are damaged more quickly when used in dirty applications. Haircutting is not offered as an à la carte service.

Can I drop-off my dog early or pickup late?
Yes, absolutely! Daycare is $5hr per dog.

Do you use a grinder to perform nail trimming?
We use all the tools we can to deliver the best quality. Sometimes dogs determine which tools are use which may be clippers or a grinder. We use both to provide short and smooth nails.