Experience & Passion

We have some of the more experienced groomers in the State of Arizona. We have groomers with more than 10 years of experience working with pets.

  • Experienced pet groomer means less mistakes when working with your dog.
  • Groomers who've become 'certified' after one year of groom training are more likely to still not have anywhere near enough experience to prevent injuries during a grooming session. It takes years to become an expert in properly handling pets to keep them safe from themselves and others while still delivering excellent results.
  • We don't have major volume training programs to rush people through a process to become groomers. Our groomers have a minium of 3 years of experience.
  • Skilled labor cost more; cheap labor is not skilled. Our prices are competitive and we strive to be a good fit for everyone.
  • All of our stylist have experience working with all froms of grooming. Our groomers are capable of performing professional show grooming for specific breeds, custom one-of-a-kind grooming with dye and creative designs, or standard regular maintenance grooming.


We can do any breed. There are hundreds of different breeds which all come with different requests for cut styles. Experience allows us to welcome many designs.

Years of experience also allows us to better communicate with our clients. We understand that people come from all around the world when visiting our shop and they bring different understands and perspectives. A Summer Cut in Phoenix can mean something different than a Summer Cut in Seattle. The important thing is to know how to ask the right questions when intaking a new client to ensure we get their cut exactly the way they want the first time as much as possible.


Paying close attention to a dog's temperament while they're in our care is critical. It's imperative to know what a dog's comfort level is or physical health. More and more dogs die on grooming tables each year at popular large chain pet stores because groomers don't have enough experience to know when to stop grooming a dog.

Comfort levels are maintained by energy and attention to detail. Knowing when a dog is too stressed vs anxious can be the difference between safe and unsafe.

We talk about comfort with grooming often because maintaining control helps keep everyone safe and allows us to successfully accomplish our work.

In addition to monitoring comfort and stress we also have to deliver the most straight, vibrant, and flawless grooming our customers have ever seen.



The grooming industry has much opportunity to create some standards. Grooming is actually really easy to get into. There's no certification requirements and anyone with clippers can be a groomer, so there're no real standards.

Cleanliness is imperative. Keeping tools sharp and workspaces clean ensures the health and wellbeing of our clients. Shops that smell light mold or wet dog are often not clean. Pet grooming is messy and requires a lot of work maintaining cleanliness. We joke here at our shop about how we have part-time jobs as janitors because we spend so much time cleaning.

We believe that cleanliness is professional and required.

Flawless results. Some clients don't recognize the attention to detail that's applied to our grooming and that's ok. Just because they don't notice doesn't mean we won't deliver the best results possible.

All our clients deserve flawless perfection.

We are professionals and we want our work to show we are professionals. Our clients visit us because they want the best for their pet and it's our pride to meet or exceed their expectations.

"That's so much better than what I'm used to."


Grooming can be dangerous. We are trying to bathe, dry, and trim with precision an animal that's capable of defending themselves. Our energy allows us to groom even the most challenging dogs with any additional effort. Dog's sense energy and can tell when someone is not confident in what they're doing. Low confidence is one of the main reasons dogs become aggressive.

Low confident individuals provide a sense of insecurity. Insecurity is unpredictable and dog's don't like not feeling safe.

A more mature groomer will do better with pets.

If we can't do it who will you turn to? 

We care about our clients and understand that if we, groomers with 10+ years of experience, can't groom your pet what options do they have.

There are many shops who turn away high-energy, high-anxiety, or anxious pets. Leaving people with no where to go.

Nail trimming with sedation at a vet can be about $200 a visit. Nail trimming should be performed once every four weeks. $200 every four weeks is not a realistic solution.

We make every effort to groom safely and effectively.