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Information about doodles, maintenance, and care.

What's a doodle?

Doodles are specific dog breeds that have been breed with poodles.

Why doodles?

Poodles don't shed. They lose hair! But, technically don't shed like a Husky or similar double-coated dogs.

Doodles have become very popular as they look super cute, have excellent temperaments, and they're a new way to enjoy the two breeds without many health issue that occur from breeding purebreds.

They're super popular. Many families and individuals have a liking for the teddy bears running around the home.

We've never met an aggressive doodle. Out of all the dogs we groom doodles, while difficult on the table, are not usually aggressive. Their temperament is excellent.

Do doodles require grooming?

Really all dogs can require grooming. Anything that needs maintenance can require grooming. Bathing is a simple common form of grooming.

Doodles' hair grows much like poodles. It can be long or short. The exchange for non-shedding is hair that needs to be brush when long and cut often to be maintained at short lengths.

Grooming frequency is dependent on the dog's activity and desired hair length. The doodles people commonly follow on Instagram are often 2" (inches) in minimum length. 2 inches of hair is long and requires brushing.

Doodle Maintenance

Brush. Brush. Brush.

You must brush. If you don't brush that long beautiful hair it will mat. Mats are what result in requiring expensive grooming visits that leave your dog shaved down to nothing.

Brush frequency is dependent on hair length and activity, and specific hair type.

Hair length is a large factor in brush frequency. Long hair collects debris and can become tangled easily.

Use the correct tools. A simple slicker brush won't cut it. You need the "doodle" brush. These may look like common slicker brushes, however, their bristle or pin lengths are significantly longer.

"Doodle" Brush

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Necessary for maintenance brushing.



Use this tool to check your work. If this goes through you should be good to go. Understand that some coats are super thick and it may require effort to get through but should still go through.

Mat Removal Tools

Razor Sharp

This tool is razor sharp and really recommend this only be used by trained users. You can really hurt your dog if you don't know what you're doing with this tool.

Problems with Doodles?

Doodles are high energy and can be a lot for some families to keep up with.

Many pet groomers don't know what to do with doodles. Meaning they don't know how to groom or handle them. Doodles are not a specific breed which means they require groomers with a lot of experience. We've found that many groomers will consistently require the doodles be shaved. If your groomer continues to always tell you "your dog is matted" it may be a good sign that your groomer is not experience. Shaving a dog is faster and easier for groomers to perform. If no matter how much brushing you perform your groomer continues to provide shaving as a solution you may want to try another groomer. Finding an experience groomer may be more difficult than you might expect.