Fast Effective Hair Control

Life is great with a dog.
Increase your enjoyment with your dog with
a regular de-shed treatment can drastically reduce the hair in your life.

De-shed Results

There's a whole 'nother cat there.

That 'other' cat is what you see on your furniture, car seats, clothes, and floor of your home. We don't need remnants of pet dander or excess fur. We got enough fur.

Get back to enjoying cuddles with your cute fur friend.

de-shed cat grooming at cookies n clean in carefree phoenix az
de-shed at cookies n clean in carefree phoenix az

Happy n Clean at Cookies N Clean

Less mess less hassle.
Quick and effective de-shed, so you can get back to enjoying your life with your dog.

Living with a dog in your life can be a great addition to your life and every dog has some form of maintenance. When trying to do all the work yourself it can be overwhelming. We are professionals with years of experience. We can get the same work accomplished in much less time. Just like you with your job when you do the same or similar tasks multiple times a day you get really good at it. And, like most things with practice makes perfect. Our groomers have years of experience and do excellent work.

Premium Products Make A Difference

We use only the best. We've found that over the years when you go cheap you lose quality and performance. Using products that best compliment our skills has been the most effective way to increasing and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Premium products and tools also allow us to be more efficient and yes there's a difference.

premium de-shed products at cookies n clean in phoenix az

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