Cat Grooming

Accommodating, professional, fun, stylish, and health focused grooming.

Prices are estimates based on our experience and are subject to change during check-in depending on condition of your cat.
After you meet with your groomer we'll confirm price and work scope.

*Proof of current rabies vaccinations State Law required*

On-time drop-off and pick-up is Cageless grooming.

We are not a mobile cat groomer.
Our beautiful facility is located I-17 and Carefree Hwy.

Cat Grooming & Spa


Cat grooming is serious business and locating a groomer that's willing and able to groom cats may be more difficult than you might expect. Many individuals are allergic to cats and if not handled properly by a professional cats can be dangerous.

Standard Grooming Includes Spa Package:

  • Shampoo & Conditioner Scrub (Bath)
  • Blow-dry
  • Hair Cut, Shave, and or Trimming
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Blueberry Facial

Add-on Grooming Services:

  • De-matting (Not Shave)
  • Hair die and coloring
  • Furminator®
  • De-shed
  • Peppermint Paw Treatment
  • Comfort Grooming


Add-on Service ($10-$25)

We perform Furminator® dog grooming for removing deep coats and or lots of shedding. This process is NOT a shave-down, however, is great for dogs with long hair. This process involves the use of Furminator® shampoo and conditioner, is completed with 30-45 minutes of removing shedding hair using a Furminator® Brush. Add our Furminator® service to your grooming or bath & brush service for excellent minimization of shedding hair.

The Furminator treatment is good but does not stop shedding. It's recommended to perform this process toward the end of a shed cycle for best results. We have had dogs that continue to shed post service. If you're not sure ask about this process during check-in with your groomer.


Add-on Service ($25-$50)

Sometimes you just want all shedding hair removed. This is still NOT a shave, however, we do spend about 45-60min to remove all shedding hair. This process is very thorough and you should not see much additional shedding after this is performed. The shedding process for dogs can occur anywhere between a few days to even weeks, and some breeds hair is always coming out to some degree. However, most dogs usually see significant results after the de-shed process.

Peppermint Paw Treatment

Add-on Service ($15)

Our paw treatment is great for Arizona dogs. Our dogs here in Arizona are exposed to some of the more harsh conditions: dry and dusty. Puppy paws can become dried out and collect extra skin/dirt that is embedded into their paws. This paw treatment is great to reset and keep paws fresh and clean.

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Scheduling online allows you to be in control of when you'd like to have your dog groomed.
If there are no times available during a specific time please contact us at (623) 581-1018 for walk-in availability.

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We enjoy serving our clients to help them keep their cats lookin' great and stayin' healthy.